Austin's Food Design Events

Cyril Brace
Sales Manager
1A Porters Ave
Eden Terrace, Mount Eden

It is our experience that in today's demanding environment, people are expecting more and more of themselves and others in both a business and private sense. With this in mind whether organising a private or corporate event, to the organiser the efficient use of their time is often a critical part in ensuring a successful event. As such Austin's have developed to meet this need by offering a flexible yet complete event management service, and have demonstrated on countless occasions the ability to comprehensively manage both large and small events. The key to our success in this area has been to provide as much or as little assistance as is required, whilst still allowing ownership and credit for the event to remain with our client

Austin's full time brigade of talented chef's, and professional service staff, are all supported by our team of regular casuals. With the experience of creating a huge variety of events ranging from gala dinners for thousands of guests, to small themed canapé parties, we have been sought after to create many memorable events. Regardless of the location or the number of guests, the Austin's team pride themselves on providing the highest quality of food, service and atmosphere for every occasion.

Our team, of chefs and food designers, has a vast variety of skills and culinary experience. Our twelve qualified chefs are all from different walks of life however they all have one important similarity, their passion for food. This coupled with an uncompromising attitude towards food presentation and standards, creates a competitive yet passionate environment.

Our Food Designers work closely with each client to develop specially designed menus for each event and party. They draw on their passion and knowledge for food gained from overseas training, travel and past experiences.
Austin's Food Design Events Austin's Food Design Events Austin's Food Design Events Austin's Food Design Events