NZ Business Traveller

Harmeet Sehgal
Editor & General Manager
2/30 Felton Matthew Avenue
St Johns

NZ Business Traveller is a consumer business travel website designed and deployed to assist New Zealand business and corporate travellers and assisting in efficient and effective decision making for business travel.

NZ Business Traveller covers topics and product that is most relevant to the NZ Business Traveller today. In-depth reviews and ratings on airlines, hotels updating latest information on loyalty and frequent flyer programs and expert opinion on issues affecting business travel. NZ Business Traveller’s content doesn’t just scratch the surface in terms of views and reviews but provide an in-depth analysis that will be true to the modern business traveller. If it’s an airline product in review, it will have every section of the journey revealed from check-in through to carousel.

NZ Business Traveller reaches key decision makers in the line of business travel including corporate travel agencies, key personal and executive assistants and SME’s that undertake interstate and international business travel.

NZ Business Travel provides advertising, communication and public relations opportunities through its website and marketing tools. Designed to reach the business traveller in any part of the world, our technology ensures that our audience is kept informed at all times of products and services that affect them. It’s a responsive website and provide marketers with a host of digital marketing tools to reach the business traveller. This includes digital banners, e-newsletters and social media marketing. Central to the digital strategy is the ‘NZBT APP’ soon to be available on Android and iOS devices.

NZ Business Traveller