Past Events

See below for an overview of past Emerging Talent Events.

20th November 2017, Auckland

Speaker: Mark Hadlow

Mark Hadlow discussed how to use your voice as a key instrument to enhance your career. His background in performance allowed Mark to retell personal and relevant experiences, as well as sharing key tools that can be used in all everyday lives. Mark's engagement and interaction with the audience gave attendees the opportunity to practice their projection and pronunciation skills, as well as asking questions about Mark's personal experiences, and his advice on how to deal with situations. 

Thank you to Mark Hadlow, and our sponsors HDAV and The Bluestone Room.


25 September 2017, Auckland
Speakers: Lizzi Pearson - Urban Gourmet and Natalie Reid - Pullman Auckland

Great to have so many of you with us at The Bluestone Room to hear Lizzi Pearson from Urban Gourmet and Natalie Reid from the Pullman Auckland talk about their journey and the challenges they have had on the way to the big roles that they are now in. There were some strong words that sprung to mind when Lizzi spoke including hard work, bringing the team together, developing people and THINK - Time, Helpful, Inspiring, Necessary, Kind.

Natalie has been truly focused on the role that she wanted and was not frightened to ask the hard questions to get to that position. Great focus and commitment, starting at the bottom in hotels. 

The chats with our speakers around the table with some fine food and wine rounded off a great evening. 

Thanks to our sponsors HDAV and The Bluestone Room.

Lizzi Pearson Natalie Reid

11 September 2017, Wellington
Speaker: Jane O’Shea, Core Conversations

Jane O’Shea from Core Conversations  revealed some interesting insights into our behaviour when in a difficult situation. She spoke of the need to listen, empathize, gain trust before the difficult conversations can really progress and this applies to conversations at work, at home, with family. 

Her enthusiastic presentation had the audience nodding in agreement or in some cases wonderment at what had just been said. Thanks for an entertaining presentation!

3 July 2017, Auckland
Speaker: Claire Bark, Conference Innovators

Claire Bark has over 20 years’ experience working as an Event Manager and Co-Ordinator both in New Zealand and in the UK. Claire has organised and delivered several medical, business and training events during this time and has had the pleasure of working on events with some of the great corporate leadership speakers such as the late Dr. Stephen Covey, Deepak Chopra, Steve Wozniak and also toured New Zealand with Rhys Darby and Bear Grylls.

19 June 2017, Wellington
Speaker: Brien Keegan, Randstad

A conversation with Brien Keegan - Brien was the 2016 recruitment industry leader of the year and is currently Country Manager for recruitment and HR specialist Ranstad. He is, shock horror, generation Y!

Brien spoke to us candidly about his experience in managing different generations, building a diverse workforce and shared some of the war stories he picked up along the way, but also shared with us, why he is passionate about leading teams.

13 March 2017, Wellington
MC: Josh Dry, ShowGizmo

The Wellington Emerging Talent committee shook things up for our first event of the year with a business events based "pub" quiz! A big thank you to Siobhan, Vivian and Amy for all the hard work they put into designing the quiz and prizes and a huge thank you to Josh for MC'ing the event. A highly enjoyable night had by all!

5 December 2016, Wellington
Panel Speakers: Sarah Meikle & Lorenzo

Sarah and Lorenzo are both foodies from way back. Both growing up in the restaurant sector, they have taken from their experiences and created food related empires. Sarah, who created the Wellington Food on a Plate event and Lorenzo who owns more than four leading restaurants in Wellington along side his brother taught us that every experience and every interaction you have is important and will effect your career.

Relationships and networking are key to success. 
28 November 2016, Auckland
Keynote Speaker: Lucy O'Connor

Lucy O'Connor is a fresh, positive, young entrepreneur who believes in the hustle. Lucy created Monday Hustle, a blog aimed at young professionals with the intentions of forming the idea that every Monday offers the chance to reinvent and recreate yourself.

Thank you for inspiring us with your amazing drive and positivity Lucy! 

12 September 2016, Wellington
Panel Speakers: Anna Calver, Chris Hughes & Jeff Hunkin

On Monday, attendees enjoyed hearing from three, talented professionals discuss and offer tips in marketing and sales. Anna Calver of WREDA, Chris Huges of Air New Zealand and Jeff Hunkin of Trade Me all work for high profile organsations within New Zealand and it was interesting to hear the different stories and career highlights from each of the speakers.

They taught us that marketing is a story, one that you have to keep consistent and exciting for consumers. Thank you to all that attended this great event!

29 August 2016, Auckland
Panel Speakers: Anna Hayward & Callum Mallet

Monday, August 29th saw our biggest turn out for Emerging Talent ever!! The Bluestone Room was packed with young industry professionals who had traveled from all over Auckland, Waikato and as far south as Great Lake Taupo. 

Callum and Anna both had an incredible stage presence and captured the entire audiences attention. Callum introduced us to the New Zealand International Convention Centre (NZICC) which is being built in the heart of Auckland Centre in the next 3 years. he wowed us with his incredible technology and what the centre will do for Auckland and the industry as a whole. 

Anna inspired us with her own personal journey and showed us how important it is to manage your personal brand, grasp every opportunity and ride the wave to success. She had an amazing story to tell and left us all with some tips on how we can make the most of our career and enjoy the process. As Anna said, if we work 40 hours a week, from the age of 20-65 then we end up working 90,360 hours in our lifetime, and thats a long time not to enjoy yourself. 

 27 June 2016, Wellington
Panel Speakers: James Pringle, Claire Martin & Rae Tse

The second Emerging Talent event held in Wellington for 2016 had a strong focus on sales and relationships with your clients. The three speakers shared their knowledge and experiences in sales and provided the attendees with some good advise in both sales and networking skills. 

2nd May 2016, Auckland 
Keynote Speaker: Jared Ward

Jared Ward captivated the entire audience through his career and life highlights and challenges at the second Emerging Talent event in Auckland for 2016. The 2nd May event was enjoyed by young professionals from Auckland, the Bay of Plenty and as far South as Great Lake Taupo. Jared's key messages were to grow from failure and to strive for what you want and enjoy. 

7th March 2016, Wellington
Panel Speakers: Matt Hoyle, Jef Kay & Josh Dry

The first Emerging Talent event for 2016 in Wellington was enjoyed by many attendees at the Mac's Function Centre on the wharf. The theme of the night was technology with Matt Hoyle from MultiMedia Systems, Jef Kay from Easy Social Media and Josh Dry from ShowGizmo sharing their latest innovations and hot tips of the trade. They showcased their latest gadgets which was highly enjoyed by everyone. 
15th February 2016, Auckland
Panel Speakers: Shayne Forrest & Jess Vandy

The first Emerging Talent event of 2016 kicked off with an interesting, young panel made up of Jess Vandy from Tourism New Zealand and Shayne Forrest from Hobbiton Movie Set. They shared the highs and lows of their careers and highlighted the fact that your life is constantly changing and you have to grow with the opportunities given to you. 

Image:  Shayne Forrest, Sue Sullivan & Jess Vandy

9th November 2015, Wellington
Keynote Speaker: Natasha Lampard

The first event for Wellington saw Natasha Lampard discuss her inspirational journey from secure paid employment to heading on her own entrepreneurial journey and co-founding internationally-renowned event, Webstock. Natasha discussed her highs and lows during her career and the importance of a work/life balance.


12th October 2015, Auckland
Panel Speakers: Jan Tonkin & Gillian Officer

Young industry professionals were given the chance to hear from renowned industry icons Jan Tonkin and Gillian Officer.  The evening saw both Jan and Gillian discuss the journey they have had with their career to date, along with some key takeaways including the importance of good communication skills, the benefits of stepping outside your comfort zone, seizing the opportunities that come your way, keep learning, remain curious and above all else, love what you do! After the panel an in-depth Q+A session was held for further engagement.


27th July 2015, Auckland
Keynote Speaker: Laurel McLay

Accredited thought leader mentor, successful entrepreneur and personal brand specialist Laurel McLay joined us for a thought-provoking session on career progression. She explained the value of industry experience, personal brand and valuable tips on how to utilise these aspects when networking. Attendees learnt about the art of getting known and how it is essential for career progression, but it can be a lot easier and enjoyable than you think.