Rotorua perfectly placed to hold wood building conference

Perfectly poised to solve New Zealand's housing shortage is mass timber manufacturing, already common in Australia.  The new engineered wood factories are set to grow our capacity to speed up quality house-building right now in New Zealand.  That’s the view of the Innovatek wood engineers organising the high-technology engineered wood building conference to be held next week in Rotorua.

If New Zealand can replicate wood panel plants that are commonplace in Europe and Canada it will add plenty of building capacity and go a long way to solving the housing supply shortage, says Rotorua engineer, John Stulen, of the Forest Industry Engineering Association..

Keynote speakers at the conference include Shane Strong, of Strongbuild, one of the leading suppliers of multi-residential wood buildings in Australia; and Karla Fraser of Urban One Builders, senior project manager of Tallwood House, the world’s tallest timber building, in Vancouver.

John Stulen explains “Right now here in New Zealand we need at least one or two more large wood panel manufacturing plants.  They could soon dramatically change the supply side for single family and multi-residential homes in Auckland and beyond.”

The conference, to be held on 28th September, is entitled “The Advantages of Timber in Mid-Rise Construction.” It's the second annual conference on mass timber construction and follows the FIEA WoodTECH 2017 two-day conference and trade expo at Distinction Rotorua Hotel & Conference Centre.

Rotorua is perfectly placed to hold these events as the Rotorua Lakes Council's  Wood-First policyrecognises the economic, environmental, cultural and social significance of ‘wood’ within the community. The Wood First initiative is about looking at wood as the first material of choice for construction, interior design and living developments within Rotorua. The diverse programme attracts building owners, developers, architects, engineers, specifiers and key engineered wood suppliers.

Results of the Wood First Policy include Rotorua's popular Eat Streat, the new pou in the old city focus site as well as renovations to existing inner city buildings, such as on the corner of Arawa and Fenton Streets, opposite the Rotorua i-SITE & Visitor Centre.

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Rotorua perfectly placed to hold wood building conference