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Rebecca Peterson
Event Coordinator
Ellesmere Jct Road
Lincoln University

No. of Meeting Rooms50
Lincoln University hosts, organises or contributes to many different conferences or symposiums every year. Most are established to provide a platform for showcasing research findings to stakeholder groups or interested parties and to increase networking opportunities to strengthen collaboration within particular disciplines. As a well renowned academic institute with considerable investment in quality research, Lincoln University is able attract worthy external contributors and speakers alongside its own resident experts.

Some conferences are organised by Lincoln University staff and held on campus, whereas others may be held at strategic locations within the city or near a particular research site.

The Conference and Event Management team provides a link between the public and the extensive resources and facilities at Lincoln University and its associated businesses.

They facilitate and organise a range of educational services extending the boundaries of the University beyond traditional research and formal study, to community and business education.

They will individually tailor resources, provide co-ordination, administrative and marketing support and facilities to meet client needs.

They specialise in:
Professional conference management
Organising and running short courses
Farm tours
Organising educational development programmes for visiting overseas students and Rural leadership development programmes.

The Group also oversees the activities of the Lincoln University Foundation including the running of the widely respected South Island Farmer of the Year competition.

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