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Our advice is designed to offer you choice – the choice of the best New Zealand has to offer, to ensure that your experience of NZ is a memorable one.  The CINZ Australian office is staffed by Sharon Auld and Heidi Heming, a dedicated and professional team, with extensive knowledge and practical experience.   Sharon and Heidi are ready to help with anything you need.   They work closely with our industry partners and can provide you with a tailored service to assist with bidding, planning and delivering your event.

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We are likely to see a trend for corporate events to be smaller but more frequent.   The reason being so they can customise their events to a specific group rather than holding one event for a wide variety of groups.  This feedback has been sourced from a number of PCOs and Event Management companies over the past few months. 
In addition, we will see a trend of more events arising out of communities which are often built around a problem.  
Currently, we are seeing clients valuing the conference design, which means customisation is key to every event, as the value to delegates is their legacy and the reason why they may attend again.  In other words, the focus for events is not so much on function, but on emotion and life changing.  
Another noticeable trend this year is the emphasis on food and beverage, particularly its quality AND presentation, as well as extended time to allow for more networking within the programme.


What I discovered by NOT visiting Perth, Adelaide and Hobart!

International Microscopy Congress 2018

A behind the scenes session – click here to read the full report

Sustainability and Events

Sharon and Heidi recently participated in a webinar on Sustainability and Events and is a much talked about topic in Australia at the moment.
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Tradeshow Activity                                                                                  

PCOA (Professional Conference Organisers' Association         Melbourne                                9 - 11 December 2018 
AIME (Asia-Pacific Incentive Meeting Exhibition)         Melbourne                                18 - 20 February 2019
AFNC (Association Forum National Conference)         Canberra                                14 - 16 July 2019 
GET GLOBAL         Sydney                                26 July 2019 

CINZ B2B AU Activity*

Sales Calls                         Sydney              On-going 
Sales Calls                        Brisbane             On-going 
Sales Calls                        Melbourne              On-going
MEA Conference 2019                         Brisbane             6 - 8 May 2019
MEETINGS Hosted Buyer/ Media Famil                        Platinum/ Gold Bureaux             24 - 27 May 2019
MEETINGS Hosted Buyer/ Media Programme                        Auckland              29 - 31 May 2019 
MEETINGS Hosted Buyer/ Media Showcase                         Christchurch             31 May 2019
MEA Leadership Events                        Sydney             Quarterly FY19

*Sales calls dates and timings subject to change

Communication Activity CINZ Korero                                                                                      

Distribution                 August 
                 June (Post MEETINGS Special)
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