Dunedin, Otago

Business events delegates to Dunedin discover a remarkably educated, creative and innovative city still thriving on its founding values. With a world-renowned university, the University of Otago, an innovative polytechnic and dynamic creative and technology sectors, Dunedin boasts a smart and engaged population.

Dunedin’s unique selling points are an enchanting combination of the intriguing and the avant-garde. A compact city steeped in heritage, where nature is only moments from the city centre. The venues are unique and inspiring and the city’s heart is a vibrant and connected meeting place best seen on foot. With warm, genuine people and a temperate climate, Dunedin delivers on its promise that visitors will experience a unique and authentic stay.

For more information on hosting an event in Dunedin go to www.Dunedinnz.com/MEET



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Dunedin Town Hall
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