CINZ Mentorship Programme

2014 saw CINZ launch the Mentorship programme, a result of feedback from membership and conversations with the key industry personnel with significant input from Wendy Baker at the NZ Coaching and Mentoring Centre.

The programme offers the Mentees the opportunity to develop their careers, build valuable relationships and broaden their experience within this exciting industry that we operate in. Many Mentors also develop as a result of working with their Mentees and find significant personal growth.

Based on registration information provided by participants, appropriate mentor and mentee matches are used to ensure everybody gets the most out of their mentorship programme.

CINZ has contracted the services of The New Zealand Coaching and Mentoring Centre to support the programme with mentor and mentee training and consultancy services.

There are immense benefits for both the mentee and mentor:

For the Mentee:
• Develop insight into career development opportunities and paths
• Improve professional confidence
• Have access to a valuable support system
• Progress towards personal and professional goals
• Expand career network and gain valuable relationships
• Develop new perspectives and ideas

For the Mentor:
• Develop a lasting career network
• Gain exposure to the emerging talent pool
• Gain personal satisfaction from making a difference to someone’s life.
• Enhanced skills in mentoring, listening, leadership, feedback… the list is endless

To find out more about the mentoring programme and to register for the 2020 programme, contact Lauren Newbery.