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Business Event Arrivals

Monthly Business Event Arrivals statistics with CINZ commentary. 

Business Event Arrivals: February 2020
Business Event Arrivals: January 2020

Business Events Research Programme

Click here to access the latest data from the Business Events Research Programme, gathered via the Business Events Activity Survey and Business Event Delegate Survey.

Business Events Activity Survey (formerly Convention Activity Survey CAS)

The Business Events Activity Survey monitors and benchmarks the performance of more than 300 professional conferencing and meeting venues in New Zealand..

Latest Reports

Business Events Activity Survey - March 2019

Click here for more information including pivot tables and earlier releases.

Business Events Delegate Survey (formerly Convention Delegate Survey CDS)

The Business Events Delegate Survey collects expenditure and length of stay data from multi-day business event delegates through an online survey.

Latest Reports

Click here to view the Convention Delegate Survey - Year Ended December 2018
Click here for more information and earlier releases.