Shotz Ltd

Karl Schodt
1/29 Rapallo Place
Farm Cove

Shotz Ltd is a New Zealand based company which specialises in new and exciting technologies for events such as:
Live Event Holograms. The same technology which brought Michael Jackson back to life as a hologram for his Billboard awards performance.

Holoblades, new amazing portable holograms for both retail space and events. Budget friendly and effective.

Or the sole provider in New Zealand for walk through projection screens called “Fogscreen”. We also have a new “baby” unit which you can use for display purposes.

Transparent signage screens. These are see through screens excellent for branding and customer retention.

We create our own technology like our 24/7 Virtual assistant, a life sized virtual greeter who repeats your message to your guests.

Our quest for innovation led us to become the first New Zealand Company to create a live Augmenting Reality event for an Australian company, where we successfully combined live people and an interactive virtual environment to launch a new product.

We are also a film and video production company with over forty years combined experience between us and having filmed in over 50 countries throughout the world.

Shotz Ltd 
Shotz Ltd 
Shotz Ltd 
Shotz Ltd