Outspoken by Odd

Olivia McPherson
Event Manager
Level 1, 483 Richmond Road
Grey Lynn

No one else can boast the commitment, contacts and coverage of the Outspoken team. We stop at nothing to ensure we exceed your expectations, every time.

We are fresh, original and modern in our approach. Inspiring & engaging people is not one size fits all. We take the time to learn who you are, what you need and who you are trying to reach. Outspoken is committed to providing the best speakers, MCs & entertainment – day in, day out, resulting in the best coverage, service and ideas for each and every client. We have redefined our offering through our relentless pursuit for perfection in everything we do. Our list of talent speak for themselves.

Outspoken is the fastest, brightest and most passionate agency in the business. We excel in delivering unique ideas and hunting out the perfect fit speakers and MCs for your conferences and events.

We understand that creative thinking and flexibility are everything. Outspoken’s targeted and tailored approach ensures your event is recognised, preferred and loved by the people you want to reach. We research people and talent, plan and execute all activity with the finest attention to detail ensuring that nothing is overlooked.

Dominating all serious talent and people of interest, Outspoken has an enviable contact list of New Zealand speakers, business leaders, yarn spinners, celebrity faces, social influencers & musicians.

Outspoken HQ is an energetic hub of activity and is the go to agency for conference and event planners in search of the perfect talent for their event.

Outspoken by Odd 
Outspoken by Odd 
Outspoken by Odd 
Outspoken by Odd