Cut the Mustard Ltd

Lizz Santos
192 Raumati Road
Raumati Beach

Cut the Mustard delivers unique and inspired themeing to all four corners of our fair nation.

From cocktail soirees for 100 to awards dinners for 1000, product launches, expo stands and fashion shows, we have the fresh ideas, theatrical prowess, professional expertise, creative flair and boundless energy to deliver you an event theme that will delight and impress.

Led by a Creative Director with an unwavering (and some would say unnatural!) passion for manipulating space, we have a dedicated team of Mustard Cutters who are technically skilled, fleet of foot, quick of mind and have boundless energy to boot.

At Cut the Mustard each new project ignites our imagination and generates a flurry of fresh ideas which are refined to meet your specific requirements and budget.

We have a virtual treasure trove of stock to draw upon – our warehouse is packed to the rafters. But our real pleasure is derived from producing an original design that meets your individual requirements. In other words, no two designs are ever the same.

Let us deliver you an event that is not only memorable, but unforgettable.

Cut the Mustard Ltd 
Cut the Mustard Ltd 
Cut the Mustard Ltd 
Cut the Mustard Ltd