Blue Ocean Marketing

Jo-Anne Taute
Sales & Marketing Manager
Free Phone: 0800 258 3623
Level 1, 143 Durham Street

Turning strategy into action to win the game.

Marketing is a specialist sport, not a spectator sport. It is an organisational orientation, where success is achieved by the ingenuity of a motivated team working together to drive performance.

Blue Ocean Marketing is more than strategy, more than execution. We are strategic marketing, driven by management consultants and executed by specialists. We are your strategic coach and your high-performing crew of marketing, digital and creative. Your team, invested in your dream, to help you — the captain at the helm — navigate through the competition and out into the open space of uncontested waters.

Our coaches are experienced management consultants, shifting organisations from strategic thinking to strategic acting. Our experts take action to execute the game plan and deliver accountable marketing activities with meaningful results. By aligning strategy, people and execution, on a shared course towards a collective true north, together as a team, we are playing to win.

Blue Ocean Marketing