27th August 2018, Wellington
Venue: Harbourside Function Centre (formally Mac's Function Centre)

This session gave attendees the tips and tricks on how to convert and manage client expectations and win that sale! Panel speakers included Alana Bicknell (Venues Wellington), Tracy Martin (EVENT Hotels and Resorts New Zealand), and Natalie Rooker (HRINZ), with each panelist bringing their own tips and tricks on how to convert business, as well as discussing what clients look for. 

Thank you to our Panelists, Harbourside Function Centre and AV Media for their support.

2nd July 2018, Auckland
Venue: The Bluestone Room

For the mid year session Laurel McLay spoke about how to create more calm in your career, and how we should remember to look after ourselves in our high pace, fast moving industry. Laurel spoke on how to get clear on how you are handling your work-life balance, and how to communicate powerfully and professionally with your colleagues.

Thank you to Laurel, The Bluestone Room and HDAV for their support.

18th June 2018, Wellington
Venue: Mac's Function Centre

James Bennie, Managing Director of HospoTrain, spoke about how to become truly customer-centric with sales at the second Emerging Talent in Wellington. Topics that James touched on in particular included how to think through the eyes of the customer, and what they want and expect. 

Thank you to James, Mac's Function Centre, and AV Media for their support at this Emerging Talent event.

8th March 2018, Wellington
Venue: Weta Workshop

The first Emerging Talent event of 2018 in Wellington took attendees out of the city, and to Wellington's film hub - Weta Workshop. Attendees were treated to a behind the scenes tour, met the Weta team, and learnt about how important Weta is to the tourism film industry. 

Thank you to Weta Workshop for their support with this event. 

5th March 2018, Auckland
Topic: The New Zealand International Convention Centre

The first Emerging Talent event of 2018 was held at SKYCITY, and those who attended heard from the NZICC team, who discussed how the centre will shape the future of Business Events in New Zealand. Attendees were also given the chance to view the development of the NZICC, by being taken to the Viewing Platform in the Sky Tower. 

Thank you to the NZICC team, SKYCITY, and Bellota, where networking drinks were held. 

20th November 2017, Auckland
Speaker: Mark Hadlow

Mark Hadlow discussed how to use your voice as a key instrument to enhance your career. His background in performance allowed Mark to retell personal and relevant experiences, as well as sharing key tools that can be used in all everyday lives. Mark's engagement and interaction with the audience gave attendees the opportunity to practice their projection and pronunciation skills, as well as asking questions about Mark's personal experiences, and his advice on how to deal with situations.

Thank you to Mark Hadlow, and our sponsors - HDAV and The Bluestone Room. 

25th September 2017, Auckland
Speakers: Lizzi Pearson - Urban Gourmet, Natalie Reid - Pullman Auckland

Lizzi Pearson and Natalie Reid spoke about their journey and the challenges they have had on their way to the roles that they hold. There were some strong words that sprung to mind when Lizzi spoke, including hard work, bringing the team together, developing people and THINK: Time, Helpful, Inspiring, Neccessary and Kind. Natalie spoke about her determination to get to the role she wanted, and was not frightened to ask the hard questions to get to that position.

Thank you to Lizzi Pearson and Natalie Reid, and our sponsors - HDAV and The Bluestone Room.

11th September 2017, Wellington
Speaker: Jane O'Shea - Core Conversations

Jane O'Shea from Core Conversations revealed some interesting insights into our behaviour when in a difficult situation. She spoke of the need to listen, empathize and gain trust before the difficult conversations can really progress. She spoke of how these techniques can be applied to conversations at work, at home, and with family. 

3rd July 2017, Auckland
Speaker: Claire Bark - Conference Innovators

Claire Bark has over 20 years’ experience working as an Event Manager and Co-Ordinator both in New Zealand and in the UK. Claire has organised and delivered several medical, business and training events during this time and has had the pleasure of working on events with some of the great corporate leadership speakers such as the late Dr. Stephen Covey, Deepak Chopra, Steve Wozniak and also toured New Zealand with Rhys Darby and Bear Grylls.

19th June 2017, Wellington
Speaker: Brien Keegan, Randstad

Brien spoke candidly about his experience in managing different generations, building a diverse workforce, and shared some of the war stories he has picked up along the way; he also shared his passion for leading teams.

13th March 2017
The Wellington Emerging Talent committee shook things up for our first event of the year with a business events based "pub" quiz! A big thank you to Siobhan, Vivian and Amy for all the hard work they put into designing the quiz and prizes and a huge thank you to Josh Dry from ShowGizmo for MC'ing the event.