Programme Structure

The programme will run for 6 months from June 2019 with completion by end of December 2019.

At the commencement of the programme both Mentees and Mentors will undergo a COMPULSORY comprehensive Training Session with facilitators from the New Zealand Coaching and Mentoring Centre.

This Training Session provides Mentees and Mentors with the necessary skills and tools to ensure the development of successful Mentoring relationships and is a great form of professional development.

Mentees and Mentors will both be trained on the same day in Auckland on 26th June 2019. Mentees will meet and be trained in the morning and a hosted lunch for both Mentors and Mentees will be scheduled for the middle of the day. The Mentors will be trained throughout the afternoon of the same day.

Mentoring pairs are encouraged to meet fortnightly and at least once a month. A minimum of 10 meetings must occur during the 6 month programme. While face-to-face meetings are recommended when possible, there is also the option to communicate via; telephone, email or Skype.

Mentoring pairs will be responsible for arranging their own mentoring sessions. There are goal setting sheets, mentoring log books and suggested discussion topics to help guide you.

In September 2019 a Mentoring Mid-Point event will be held in Auckland and will offer all programme participants from around New Zealand to meet up with each other and provide an opportunity to further develop their mentoring skills.

CINZ will be available to provide guidance, resolve any issues and regularly evaluate the programme.