Tourism spending data for November 2019 released

The Monthly Regional Tourism Estimates (MRTEs) for November are now available on their website.

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What the data says
Tourism spending was up in most regions for the year ending November 2019. The regions with the fastest growing tourism spend over the year ending November 2019 were Wellington with six per cent growth and Bay of Plenty with five per cent growth.

Total tourism expenditure for the year ending November 2019 was $30.2b, which represented a change of three per cent from November 2018.  Total domestic tourism spends for year ending November 2019 was $17.6b, which represented a change of one per cent from November 2018.

West Coast, Nelson and Northland experienced a decline in total tourism spend for the year ended November 2019. In the West Coast total spend declined by four percent. In Nelson and Northland total spend declined by one percent. 
Annual revision

As part of the standard annual revisions process, we have revised the MRTEs using the latest Tourism Satellite Account (TSA) figures, released in December 2019. Once we receive new data from the TSA each year, we revise the previously forecasted totals to reflect actual totals. Revisions are not considered errors, as they're part of standard statistical processes.

Total spend has been revised up 1.3% (approximately $380 million) for the year to November 2019. 

Most regions and Regional Tourism Organisations (RTOs) are largely unaffected at the aggregate level. The revisions have impacted product category ratios to more accurately reflect the distribution of spend across product categories.  
For more details about the revisions, visit their website.  

About MRTEs
The MRTEs were designed to estimate regional spending patterns and relativities between regions. MRTEs are indicative and best suited to analyse regional trends and should not be used to represent national spend trends. The International Visitor Survey is better placed to calculate total international spending.

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Tourism spending data for November 2019 released