Destination Management Guidelines

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) have released Destination Management guidelines to help communities around New Zealand better plan and prepare for the opportunities tourism can bring.

Destination Management allows communities, districts and regions to determine what tourism could look like for them, the benefits they want to get, and respond to changing economic conditions and attitudes. MBIE has developed tools and resources to help destinations throughout New Zealand undertake Destination Management planning, and we're pleased to be able to release best practice guidelines to support this work.

The guidelines are a practical tool to assist people and organisations who have a role in supporting, growing and developing the tourism economy within their region, district or community. Our regions and destinations are all at different stages and have different approaches to planning, managing, marketing and developing as a tourism destination. The guidelines provide suggestions, considerations and a framework to guide thinking and discussions to fit each destinations specific needs.

The guidelines are based on research, international best practice, case studies and industry consultation, and will be a valuable tool in supporting the outcomes of the New Zealand – Aotearoa Government Tourism Strategy. MBIE is continuing to work with destinations across New Zealand to help them plan and manage tourism in a sustainable, productive and inclusive way.
Read the guidelines here
Destination Management Guidelines