Catherine Hayes

Catherine has been with CINZ since June 2010 in the part-time role of Marketing Coordinator.  Catherine is responsible for compiling the content of all CINZ Newsletters and ensuring that they are sent out in a timely manner.  

She is also involved in organising other CINZ communications, updating the website and maintaining the CINZ Membership database.  Catherine assists with the annual CINZ  Event Planners’ Guide which includes advertisement sales and website listings sales to CINZ Members.  Catherine is also involved with CINZ MEETINGS co-ordinating Day Buyers and assisting in other areas as and when required.

Catherine graduated from the University of Wales with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Tourism, spending one year of the course training with Hilton Hotels.  Here in New Zealand, Catherine has been involved in media co-ordination, account management and conference organisation. 

Marketing Coordinator
Phone: 09 485 3143
Catherine Hayes