UNO LOCO Limited

21 East Street

Uno Loco has built its reputation by delivering the most creative large-scale events, media and experential activation in New Zealand. Our clients will tell you it’s about delivering ideas that make you famous.

Examples of our work include:
• High-end corporate events (such as company days, leadership conferences on and offshore, and award shows).

• Media production for product launches, internal and external messaging, training and cultural change programmes. Our work ranges from bespoke logos, cartoon strips, and large scale paint by numbers images, to cartoon animation, high-end motion graphics, full 3D CGI, short films, documentaries and beautiful records of key landmarks for corporate clients.

• Experential product activation for major FMCG and services brands. As our lives become increasingly online and virtual, one on one human experiences become increasingly more effective. Uno Loco delivers experiences that are both highly engaging for consumers, and effective for businesses.

• Creation and delivery of effective incentive programmes – such as super-sales achievers rewards and recognition. Uno Loco has produced ‘money can’t buy’ experiences in a variety of international locations for a range of demanding blue-chip clients.

We can make you famous too. Because it’s our job to have brilliant ideas. Our creative team draw on strategy, psychology, all of the visual and written arts and years of big league commercial experience to cook up amazing ideas that deliver astonishing results. That’s half of it.

The other half is about making you, your team, your brand and your company famous. We generate great ideas so that you get a promotion and a pay rise.

It sounds a bit cute but we’re quite serious. It’s our philosophy to be the wing-man or wing-woman to our clients. It’s about going the extra mile for people, really caring about the outcomes and looking after you through the journey.

UNO LOCO Limited 
UNO LOCO Limited 
UNO LOCO Limited 
UNO LOCO Limited