CINZ believes that the major growth in quantity and quality of conference and incentive infrastructure around New Zealand over the next three years will require similar growth in the quality and quantity of skills in the industry if the sector is to maximise the opportunities the infrastructure will bring.

CINZ has a central role in building the necessary capability at all levels within our membership and sector.

We will maintain the current Educational offering of Mentorship, Emerging Talent, Conference, and Masterclass to support the professional development of our members.

The next phase is to explore relationships with third-party education providers including Service IQ, AUT, TMS and others.


Build industry quality and capacity.


CINZ will:

• Directly deliver conference & incentive education.
• Encourage and support other organisations to deliver conference & incentive education.
• Work with education and qualification institutions to enhance the credibility and desirability of conference & incentive sector qualifications.

Education KPI

• Maintain CINZ Mentorship, Emerging Talent, Conference and Masterclass Programmes.
• Develop meaningful education hub at MEETINGS.
• Develop relationship with Universities with a view to align with the industry.
• Use PR to increase CINZ’s presence in the Education space