The CINZ Mentorship Programme is run and facilitated by Conventions and Incentives New Zealand (CINZ) and is designed specifically for conference and event managers and coordinators in their first few years of employment.


Mentees must be 22 years or over, and employed within the Conferences, Incentives and Events Industry.

Must be an employee of a CINZ Member organisation.

There is an expectation that Mentees will demonstrate commitment to their own self-development. Mentees will need to be proactive in contacting their Mentor, arranging meetings and completing any tasks or review of progress between meetings. Mentees will need to fully appreciate the role of the Mentor and the voluntary nature of the mentoring arrangement.

The final selection of Mentees is made at the discretion of CINZ.

An administration fee of $100 is required for all mentees taking part, to be paid before the commencement of the programme. 


Mentors must be experienced practitioners within their field with a minim of six years’ experience within their chosen field and hold a management position.

They should be well-known within the industry.

Mentors must be willing to serve in developing the profession on a voluntary basis and show a clear understanding of the expectations and commitments required to be a Mentor.

It is hoped that Mentors who become involved in the Mentorship Programme will wish to continue their involvement in years to come.