NZ Adventure Retreats

Kym Skerman
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NZ Adventure Retreats create bespoke experiences that elevate, inspire and engage your team. We combine proven methods, outdoor adventure, nature, mindfulness and yoga to maximise productivity, creativity and efficiency.

We partner with venues in some of New Zealand’s most stunning locations to offer all-inclusive conference packages that are tailored to your needs and goals. We specialise in smaller groups from 10-50 people.

We work with you to design and run a customised conference or corporate retreat including some or all of the following:
* Goal setting workshops
* Unique adventure activities
* Mindfulness activities
* Keynote speakers
* Accommodation
* Conference facilities
* Transport
* Healthy catering
* Entertainment

We create truly memorable corporate or conference retreat experiences that take your organisation to the next level. Your team will leave feeling re-energized, motivated and inspired to take on future challenges and elevate your business.

“It was our best and easiest conference yet. Everyone who attended responded well to the regular activity breaks and outdoor adventures, giving everyone the ability to focus better when in the conference room” Icebreaker Conference 2018

NZ Adventure Retreats 
NZ Adventure Retreats 
NZ Adventure Retreats 
NZ Adventure Retreats