Responsible camping report released

The Responsible Camping Working Group has provided its report to the Minister of Tourism, laying out recommendations to address some of the challenges around freedom camping.

The group recommended legislative reviews to improve the camping system overall. MBIE is now going to look at how these longer term recommendations might be put into effect.

In addition, as a result of the report, the Government has set aside $8.5 million to fund several initiatives to be put in place ahead of the next summer season.

Funding will cover:
infrastructure, education and enforcement projects identified and to be implemented by 28 councils across the country
a marketing and education campaign managed by Tourism New Zealand to provide information to campers on expected behaviour
a data and technology driven pilot that will provide real-time updates on the availability of campsites in some important tourist destinations.

Responsible Camping Working group's report

Which councils received funding
Responsible camping report released